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What better time than Christmas, when your audience can snug in; near the fireplace, with your book spending their holidays in a meaningful and leisurely way. What better self-publishing company, Manchester UK than White Magic Studios to help you publish your book by then?

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What Do You Get For £790?

Our Starter package covers all the aspects you require to self-publish your book.

  • 100% Royalties – That is correct. You will get 100% NET royalty
  • Typesetting – Professional typesetting of your book
  • Cover Design – Customised Cover Design which will justify the genre of your book
  • Sales Dashboard – Track your book sales through our Author Dashboard
  • Ownership – You will retain 100% Ownership
  • ISBN – You will be allocated a unique ISBN for your book
  • Promotional Material – 3d Book Image to promote your book on various social media platforms
  • Global distribution – Distribution to all major international retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Waterstones and more.
  • Reorder the print copies - The ability to reorder your book, starting from just one copy!
  • Payments – You can split the cost.

Why us?

• We’re that publisher who understands the needs and urgency of a self-publishing Manchester (or elsewhere) author.

• We stand out. We’re flexible. We understand our client’s needs very specifically.

• We customize the services according to the requirement of the book’s genre and for great sales. We also customize according to your perception/specification of your book.

• We stick to deadlines. We also work on tight deadlines whenever required. We value your time and money. Sometimes the writings goes out of context; if not published at the right time.

• We have no hidden fees. We clearly mention everything at the onset. We’re transparent.

• We have been in this industry for more than two decades. So we are one of the best self-book publishers in Manchester, as we know the nitty-gritty of publishing.

• We offer all services that are required not only for publishing books but also to make them popular. We offer all marketing assistance you need.

• The publishing services we offer are editing, proof-reading, layout, book cover design, book cover illustration, illustrations inside the book, layouts, formatting, e-book conversions, etc.

• The services we provide for marketing are- making animated videos, book trailers, author’s website creation, book website creation, making your books available with the largest libraries and bookstores all over- to name only a few.

• We help you not only earn more but also save more. Since all the publishing requirements are available in one place, under the umbrella of White Magic Studios; you save money. It costs more to do it separately from different places.

Concentrate on writing while we do the rest!

Recently Published Books

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Rupert and The Silly Bugs

By Rupert & Gurvinder Glenholme

All about White Magic Studios

Joshua’s Story - Our Gorgeous Boy

By Brinny Welton

All about White Magic Studios

Curious Charlie Goes To The Zoo

By Tim Robbins

All about White Magic Studios

Bram’s Bonkers Bed – The Battle of The Nile

By David Coates

How to get started

Therefore, avoid leaving your book unattended in a folder on your hard drive. Your destiny should not be decided by publishing houses. Let the world know about your book! Get out there and discover your audience. You don't have to do it by yourself either. We eagerly await your communication!

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