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White Magic Studios is a trusted company offering state-of-the-art eBook cover design services. With an experienced team of eBook conversion professionals, White Magic Studios is committed to excellence by guaranteeing 100% satisfying eBook conversion, cover designing, graphic conversion, and book trailer making services at affordable rates.

Why choose us?

  • Get inspired to go with the flow and get more readers : With the growing rate of digital readers, todays authors are intending to invest in eBook conversions of their manuscript despite publishing it in paperbacks or hardcovers. Therefore, to acquire more readers, your decision to convert your manuscript into an eBook is viable. We are more than happy to offer guidance to our esteemed clients by making them understand the different steps our eBook professionals follow to flawlessly transform the book into a digital copy.

  • We do the best eBook cover design : Despite converting the manuscript into an eBook, we find it our privilege to create the best eBook cover design for our clients. White Magic Studios has the goodwill for housing the most talented team of cover designers, skilled to apply the latest software technology for designing eBook covers of any genre. We would find it our privilege to share our portfolios showcasing our finest eBook cover designs by our best eBook cover creator besides the converted eBook samples. By understanding the storyline or theme of the book whether fiction or non-fiction, our designers create at least two drafts. We appreciate the involvement of the writers/investors to finalize the draft before we use it as the cover design of their eBook.

  • The Best Team for eBook Conversion : White Magic Studios take pride in having the best team for eBook conversion. A combined experience in the book publishing business over the past 35 years has allowed us to earn goodwill. Moreover, it’s our portfolio that allows us to display our best creations so far with our future clients. You can also see the eBooks we converted along creating the finest eBook covers while communicating with us.

Our steps of eBook conversion

  • Converting the manuscript : We find it a privilege to give a digitized shape to your final manuscript. With your permission, we proofread the manuscript once again and let eBook converting professionals start their work of conversion. Our experts convert your manuscript whether in Word, PDF, InDesign document or in any other format into their digital format by ensuring 100% high-quality viewing of your readers on any device. Our converted eBooks are ideal for any device that the readers use whether a smartphone, tablet, Kindle or laptop.

  • eBook Proof : After our proofreaders check the final copy of the eBook, we will send you the completed file for reviewing before giving the final touches for publishing.

  • Graphic conversions : Trust us for taking care of the visual elements of your book such as images, tables, charts, drawings, graphs, photographs etc.

  • Quality checking : Our digital publishing experts, double check the eBook to make sure it is being read properly on the eReader without confronting any glitch.

  • We are affordable : Unlike many of our popular competitors, White Magic Studios offer high-quality eBook conversion services at quite an affordable rate. Connect with us for an instant quotation of the time and cost we charge for converting your manuscript. Give us a call right away if you get positive vibes from us. Together, we can give an outstanding digital form to your manuscript.

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