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Your self-publishing for a children’s book journey will be incomplete without connecting with the talent pool of book cover illustrators UK at White Magic Studios. Fortunately, we have a team of creative illustration artists for hire well versed with the trending software technology for designing the illustrations for the children’s books.

White Magic Studios is an ace book illustration agency, trusted by our writer clients for not only the book illustration services but also for shouldering the overall self-publishing endeavour.

We inspire the authors to find one of the best book illustrators for hire we have and work closely with the designer as a team to let them create enticing book illustrations for their new book.

Here are a few steps of how our book illustrators work

Know the age group of readers

Let our illustrated book cover designer know about the age group of the children’s book you wrote. The illustrators understand it well and can suggest you the type of illustrations you should do in your book. The baby books have full-page illustrations where the lines are written in a balloon box.

If your children’s book belongs to 5-8 years then half-page illustrations will impress them where they find the images of the same characters doing the actions written on the other half of the page.

Type of illustration designs

At White Magic Studios, our illustrators will help you understand the different types of illustrations and which book illustration design will be best for the manuscript you have.

Depending on the genre and drawing style, the illustrators suggest whether to make the designs realistic, whimsical, line drawings, Cartoon cute or childlike, stylised, cartoon–wacky designs, sketchy drawings and so on.

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Next, decide on the colour combinations. While some books target only white and pink for illustrations, some children’s book illustrations have multiple colours.

Being one of the leading book illustration companies, we stay committed to our excellence and provide 100% ROI to authors who have faith in us self-publishing their books.

Our entire process

We work to bring your stories alive.

Each story needs a unique style of illustration, tailored to the tone and the setting. You need to capture the child's imagination, taking them on a journey into another world.

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At the start, we'll design the characters and setting.

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Next, we'll begin putting together the drawings throughout the book.

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And then finally, we'll polish and edit the book to produce the finished product.

At every step of the way, you will be involved in the design process. So, you can pick how you want the book to look and how you want it laid out. However, if you're unsure, we're here to offer advice and guidance.

Then, when we're all done, you'll have a high-quality, professional printed book - a little bundle of imagination for your readers to explore.

Our services don't stop there

We don't just offer children's book illustrations. We also specialise in:

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Cartoon Character Design

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3D Illustrations

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Animal Illustrations

So, if you need a fun character for another piece, you've come to the right place. We can even transform your finished product into an eBook, creating a specialised design to work in the digital format. Or for readers who prefer to listen to their favourite stories, we also offer an audiobook service.

How to begin

Getting started is easy, simply get in touch!

If you're excited to get started, then send us a message. However, we know in the modern age it's nice to talk to someone, and have a real discussion. Therefore, we offer a call-back service. Simply enter your number, and we'll give a free and immediate call-back. Or drop us an email, whatever you prefer.

We cannot wait to hear from you! And begin the grand adventure of taking your book from fabulous writing to the final polished piece.

Happy Clients

White Magic Studios is a great company. Great service, with a variety of excellent skills. Extremely helpful in my journey and highly professional.

Happy Clients
Lydia Hussein
Author of The Secret in The Enchanted Forest & The Storm in The North Pole

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We can help transform your story from the written page into the magical final product

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Lets design your book and equally stunning illustrations.
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We know in the modern age it's nice to talk to someone, and have a real discussion. Therefore, we offer a call-back service. Simply enter your number, and we'll give a free and immediate call-back.

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