Who We Are

White Magic Studios is a multifaceted company that provides innovative and creative services for a wide variety of customers. White Magic Studios is the trading name of Studio 24 Digital Ltd. Our company is dedicated to creating top-of-the-line content through inventive and ethical business practices. Also, we aim to offer the most versatile and flexible content creation options for our clients.

In short, you won’t find a company quite like ours. White Magic Studios has the experience and success to propel your projects and businesses to the next level. We carefully craft our content to match our client’s needs. And each project we work on is individually tailored and customized, this way you get the results you want.

All about White Magic Studios

Some of the services we provide for our customers include the following:

All about White Magic Studios

We Make Animated Videos

White Magic Studios create motion visuals for large companies, small businesses, and personal projects. This includes explainer videos for businesses, presentations, and e-learner modules. Our services provide both 2d and 3d animations. We also make 2d animated videos for children’s books in which we convert a story into an animated video.

All about White Magic Studios

Author & Publisher Services

In addition to animation services, we also provide services for authors and publishers. We help our customers with a range of professional tasks. This can include formatting & layout of their book, book cover design, eBook conversion, book trailers, creation of an author website, printing, and many other services involved with the publishing process.

All about White Magic Studios

Web Design and Development

White Magic Studios works in web design and development, as well. Our company will help you design and set up the perfect website for your business, blog, or personal project.

All about White Magic Studios

We Create Illustrations

Our studio can also create illustrations for our clients. We believe that any successful business or website needs quality images to promote its services. This is why we offer crisp and vibrant graphics to our customers. Our images are unique and come in a range of styles and options, too.

All about White Magic Studios

YouTube Channel

Finally, we have a couple of YouTube channels that can be found at the following link White Magic Studios and Roving Genius and Clients who want to see samples of our work should visit our channel.

You can see our animation skills at work on our YouTube channel. So, take a look at the link provided above.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact White Magic Studios today. We can be contacted on our website, or at the following number, 020-347-50507.

Your needs as a client are our top priority. And, if you choose to work with us, you will be given our full attention. White Magic Studios provides our customers with the best support and content. And, we plan to make a positive impact around the globe.

White Magic Studios is passionate about being a socially responsible company. We take care of our employees’ health and wellness. In addition, through our work, we want to make an impact on local communities that affect our staff and customers. In other words, we want to do more than making a profit, we want to make a change!