Have you finished writing your manuscript? Are you still wondering which publishers to opt for- traditional publishers or self-publishers?

It’s always advised that you go for self- publishers, especially if you are a budding writer. Traditional publishers will be out of your reach unless you invest heavily on an agent, unless you’re prepared to get your content (you hold so dearly) changed, and unless you’re prepared to wait for- God knows how long! After you have decided to go for self-publishing, you may be confused as to which company to look for all the publishing help. You cannot do everything by yourself nor is it your area of specialization.

We @White Magic Studios strive to give every writer the opportunity to have their work in print and available to a global audience. Over recent years, a whale of changes took place in the publishing world. We continually update our techniques and also ourselves to provide the best to authors. You may also go for Kindle self-publishing. Before that, you have to get your book prepared by book experts such as White Magic Studios. Proof reading, formatting, typesetting, book covers, illustrations, trailers, e-book conversion, etc. have to be worked on, by professionals. Before a writer signs a self-publishing agreement, it should be very clear what you are getting and what you are paying for; which is what White Magic Studios does.

We are transparent, in the sense that we quote our prices very clearly; as a package or individual services; unlike many others who lure writers with low prices and eventually charging them thousands of pounds. We don’t keep any charges hidden. With us, you will receive full royalty unlike 60% to 70% with Kindle direct publishing, UK. We are happy to discuss your publishing options or if you have any general questions about self-publishing services such as creating illustrations on cover or inside book, book layout, formatting, creation of author’s website, book cover.

We will distribute your book to all major publishing platforms, bookstores and libraries including Amazon Kindle self-publish, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple books, INGRAM, etc.

If you want to go for KDP, you will not be able to sell it elsewhere; nor will you be able to reproduce more than 10% of your book anywhere; in your author’s or book’s website or social media.

But all is not lost with Amazon Kindle self-publishing, UK. You will automatically get a large audience. It also gives you the option to expand your book’s availability on a global scale, making it more accessible for readers around the world. You get exposure to all the clients of Amazon. Moreover, you can promote your books to target audience (who are most likely to read your books) by using Amazon ads. Last but most important, great reviews on us on Trust-Pilot reflects how trustworthy & professional we are. We also want to learn from you and understand exactly what you are looking for, so we can improve the services we offer.

What do we do?

We’ll help you with all other publishing requirements such as editing, book cover designing, layout, formatting, type-setting, illustrations inside or on the cover of the book, and of course, e-book conversion for Kindle book-publishing.

We also create author’s website or book website. Animations and trailers are one of our many specialities, created for the marketing of your book.

With us, you earn complete royalty. We arrange for world-wide, digital distribution of your book to the most popular libraries and digital platforms, Amazon being one of them.

Amazon has kindle app for smartphone and tablets and all the books on its store are available in digital print for Amazon Kindle self-publishing. Readers can use one of these free apps to purchase the book from the store and read it on the device.

Readers’ benefits:

The thinking behind such a format of Kindle publishing services, is that it not only saves the environment, but also the hassle of lugging around thick heavy books. Very often as you might have seen, kindle formats are cheaper than print editions as well.

Author’s take home:

You can use Kindle publishing services to maximize your profits & your readers’ experience.

It appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 72 hours; after we have done the book designing for you.

Keep control. Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. Make changes to your books at any time. You can self-publish on Kindle.

Publish digitally and in print. Publish Kindle eBooks and paperbacks on Kindle Direct Publishing.

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What Do You Get For £790?

Our Starter package covers all the aspects you require to self-publish your book.

  • 100% Royalties – That is correct. You will get 100% NET royalty
  • Typesetting – Professional typesetting of your book
  • Cover Design – Customised Cover Design which will justify the genre of your book
  • Sales Dashboard – Track your book sales through our Author Dashboard
  • Ownership – You will retain 100% Ownership
  • ISBN – You will be allocated a unique ISBN for your book
  • Promotional Material – 3d Book Image to promote your book on various social media platforms
  • Global distribution – Distribution to all major international retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Waterstones and more.
  • Reorder the print copies - The ability to reorder your book, starting from just one copy!
  • Payments – You can split the cost.

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