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Welcome to White Magic Studios, a leading self-publishing company providing one-stop publishing solution to our clients.

When the manuscript is ready, and you are eager to get the physical shape of your new book, availing of our creative book layout services will help you the most.

Here, we have a team of talented book formatting experts aboard updated with the latest software technology to exhibit their excellence in designing the book layouts, including the shape, size, colour combinations and typography.

How do we offer our book formatting services?

Suggest the ideal book layout design & Trim Size

We have a team of highly experienced book layout designers with the ability to suggest the exact measurements of the book to grab the attention of the readers. For instance, a book of 250 pages should be within 5x8 inches of proximity.

With a bigger book with more pages, our book layout designer will recommend increasing the size of the book in length as well as in width to make it more appealing.

If your book contains many photographs then the volume will increase then the designers have to especially work on the spine book cover layouts despite focusing on the front and back covers.

Print size & Margins

Despite choosing good quality paper, decide to make the print size standard. Most readers dislike buying books of poor quality paper and tiny scriptures. Maintain a standard margin in your book to avoid text blockage. The top margin should have the name of the book on one side and the author’s name on the other side, to make it more appealing.

Typography basis is one of the prerogatives of our creative book layout design at White Magic Studios. We incorporate our full potential to design book layout of your book, besides creating the book cover layer designs, etc.

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We can help design your book from cover to cover: literally!

Youve done the hard work. You’ve finished the book you’ve been working on, for what feels like forever. Finally, you can sit back and relax, right?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you ever want to publish your work, then there’s still a lot of work to be done. There is a chasm of difference between the finished draft sitting in Microsoft Word and a finished book sitting on the shelf.

It’s well worth the effort. We should know, we’ve helped our fair share of authors over the years. And we never tire of seeing the satisfaction of our customers when presented with their finished book.

Our entire process

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First, you’ll give us your finished draft. We’ll discuss your aims for the book, and how you envisage the finished product.

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Simultaneously, we can also get to work on cover designs and illustrations. Mocking up various designs from which you can pick.

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Then finally, we bring all the pieces together to create the finished product. There are few feelings more impactful than holding your finished book in your hands.

Great Book Design Helps Tell The Story

We’re drawn to the design. They capture our imagination. Whether you’ve written a cookbook or captured a moment in history, great design helps tell the story.

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The choice of font, chapter headings, professional page layout, typography, design, bleed size, trim size are an important part to have your finished book. That is why we are here to help you transform your script into a professionally laid book.

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Excellent page layout and design is not confined to works of fiction. For non-fiction, the choices of font, of chapter headings and accompanying imagery help give the impression of a polished piece.

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Children’s Book

We can’t forget about childrens books, where page layout is everything, from the cover design to an imaginative and eye-catching arrangement of illustrations on the pages.

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Our easy to upload books can be uploaded on all the major publishing platforms.

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Our services don't stop there

We don't just offer book layout. We also specialise in:

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Book Cover Design

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e-book Conversion

How to begin

Getting started is easy, simply get in touch!

If you're excited to get started, then send us a message. However, we know in the modern age it's nice to talk to someone, and have a real discussion. Therefore, we offer a call-back service. Simply enter your number, and we'll give a free and immediate call-back. Or drop us an email, whatever you prefer.

We cannot wait to hear from you! And begin the grand adventure of taking your book from fabulous writing to the final polished piece.

Happy Clients

The work was very well done and my instruction were always followed. The final formatting was better than I expected.

Happy Clients
Simon Altmann
Author of The Collected Poems – 1969 - 2020

Our Recent Work

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Let’s design your book to standards of internationally published book.
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Find the Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here

Got more questions? We have answered some of the most common questions that may arise in your mind. If you still have more, you can simply get in touch with us.

  • We understand that each book is different and needs special attention. Our book designers create a custom layout that will match the genre and theme of your book.
  • We will send you a sample layout before processing the full file for the layout. We then work as per your feedback to make the necessary changes in the sample layout. So, you are always in control of your book.
We can help you with all kinds of books. Broadly they are:
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Childrens Book
  • Educational Books
  • Cookbooks
Some layouts may require footnotes and indexing. Based on your instructions we can work with you to design a customised book.
There are many, to name a few they are:
  • Jackson Saves the Moon – Jackson Superhero Series by Darren Garwood
  • Moth Men by Oliver Hilditch
  • Poppy’s Garden by Eryl Davies
  • Brams Bonkers Bed – The Battle of The Nile by David Coates
  • Space Travel with Our Dog by Paul Arnold
  • Tales From the Drift by Chris Morris
  • Tread Carefully: The Autobiography of George Edward Bramley MBE Paperback
  • The Lotus Sutra According To a Soka Buddha: Welcome To The Treasure Tower
  • Alcohol Reconsidered by Lesley Miller and Catheryn Kell-Clarke
  • Collected Poems: 1960 – 2020 by Simon Altmann
We can give you an exact turnaround time after discussing the project with you. If you want it sooner then we can also give you express service.
  • A fiction book can take between 5 – 15 days.
  • Non-fiction, children’s books and cookbooks can take between 15 – 30 days.

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