You have poured your heart and soul into writing a book and you’re anxiously waiting to hold your new born literary baby.

Then you are in the right place, definitely!

We White Magic Studios, help authors and entrepreneurs to publish books by giving access to our expert publishing services. Our assisted self-publishing process allows you full control over every aspect of your book including royalty. If you opt for Amazon publishing, UK; you will get royalties to the tune of 60%-70%. On the other hand, with us you will receive 100% royalty.

You can expect assistance with all the elements of your book including typesetting and design, editing and proof reading, marketing and distribution; from us.

We completely support self-book publishers. We’ll guide you step by step through the process of publishing your book; after you have completed the manuscript. Hence, have no apprehensions! We will help you with personal tailored services. We will work in co-ordination; this means we will ask for your opinion at every step and will persist till you‘re happy with the product- the finished product- the completed book.

If you are looking for self-publishing on Amazon, we will help you with all the required professional book services. We will help you with layout, formatting, illustrations, an attractive book cover, making trailers, e-book conversion, and everything that will help you successfully self-publish on Amazon.

At White Magic Studios, we don’t want to just publish your book; we also want to know the person behind the book and get them the best print journey along the way. A designated & dedicated coordinator will hand-hold you for all publishing assistance. For Amazon self-publishing also, we will guide you with our professional services.

We are a self-publishing company; with expert professionals, updated with the latest technicalities and we aid the self-publishers. We are also a reliable company who have been in the industry for many years to be able to understand your subtle author needs.

There is a system in place which distributes your books to the most reputed libraries such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, INGRAM, etc. Post-publication, it will be based on print on demand. This extremely reduces the need of physical space and also money. Whenever a book is ordered through online portals such as Amazon, the book is printed and sent to the receiver.

You can choose to publish with every major platform, or you can choose to publish exclusively with Amazon. Just keep in mind that if you want to self-publish on Amazon, UK; you cannot sell it elsewhere. So, you have a limited reach & income. But there are many benefits of publishing with Amazon. Your book will be available to all Amazon users, which is millions of regular users. You can use Amazon ads to reach your target audience.

If you are a self-publishing writer, then we have your back.

Relax! Let the creativity of writing take over you! Start typing immediately and leave the rest to us @White Magic Studios!

What do we do?

We @White Magic Studios, can help you publish an engrossing book. We are here for book publishing, marketing tips and all publishing assistances. We are a solution to all your book publication queries and assistance. Your book will retain its originality and you have full access to the profits made.

What do we publish?

Our publications come in all shapes and sizes- short stories, novels, diaries, autobiographies, and more.

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What Do You Get For £790?

Our Starter package covers all the aspects you require to self-publish your book.

  • 100% Royalties – That is correct. You will get 100% NET royalty
  • Typesetting – Professional typesetting of your book
  • Cover Design – Customised Cover Design which will justify the genre of your book
  • Sales Dashboard – Track your book sales through our Author Dashboard
  • Ownership – You will retain 100% Ownership
  • ISBN – You will be allocated a unique ISBN for your book
  • Promotional Material – 3d Book Image to promote your book on various social media platforms
  • Global distribution – Distribution to all major international retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Waterstones and more.
  • Reorder the print copies - The ability to reorder your book, starting from just one copy!
  • Payments – You can split the cost.

Why us?

• No literary agents are required. You can approach us directly on 020 3475 0507. Hence, you are saved of the unnecessary hassle of finding an agent as well as save time & energy in the process.

• We complete with the designated time frame, even on tight schedules. We stick to the time. We work tooth and nail to complete the work on time.

• Opinion of author is taken while illustrating. It’s your idea & our expertise that works like hand in glove, to create an interesting book. We do not relax till we achieve what you actually perceived.

• Authors retain control of their works and copyrights~ which is very important even though your book is printed through Amazon book publishing house.

• You have complete control over the content & design of the book.

• Worldwide distribution is ensured by us in the top-most libraries and also through digital platforms such as Amazon publishing agency, etc.

• Your book never runs out of print. Because it is a print on demand situation through Amazon self-publishing, UK.

• From editorial to marketing, you can expect expertize in every aspect from us.

• Many formats and options are available in editing, formatting, typesetting, etc. 1) You have full rights of the royalty earned. 2) Most importantly, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Recently Published Books

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By Tim Robbins

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Bram’s Bonkers Bed – The Battle of The Nile

By David Coates

Hence we are that self-publishing company, who can provide all your publishing needs. Start typing away immediately!

Therefore, avoid leaving your book unattended in a folder on your hard drive. Your destiny should not be decided by publishing houses. Let the world know about your book! Get out there and discover your audience. You don't have to do it by yourself either. We eagerly await your communication!

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