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Once there were VHS and vinyl. Then along came cassettes. Before, finally, we got CDs and DVDs. But inevitably, these were overtaken by streaming services. It’s just easier to access and explore. Now the digital world is revolutionising publishing.

eBooks are increasingly readers’ favourite way to read. Tablets are lightweight and can contain thousands of titles. It’s effortlessly convenient.

They’ll always be a place for books. They’ll be those who prefer the tactile and tangible experience. But if you want to be read, if you want to find eager eyes ready to dive into your literary world, then you need to convert your book.

How does eBook conversion work?

At first, eBook conversions might seem odd: don’t you just copy the pages of the printed book? Unfortunately, it’s not so easy. At least, not if you want to maximise your reader’s experience. It doesnt matter if you’re writing fact or fiction, eBooks require specialised expertise to produce a quality product designed for all formats.

Thankfully, youve come to the right place.

Here at White Magic Studios, we’ve converted our fair share of books, transforming plain analogue texts into interactive digital eBooks. We understand the possibilities of the medium and the capabilities of modern technology. Therefore, we can unlock your book's potential, creating a swish and functional eBook.

The Process

We’ll start by discussing your target market, the goal of the book, and what you want to achieve. If necessary, we can start drawing up a dazzling book cover, or a series of page-popping illustrations.

Then, we’ll begin to work on the layout and design. We want to ensure that whatever format your readers choose, be it tablet or smartphone; your eBook will work seamlessly at the tips of their fingers. We can even add audio and videos to bring your book to life.

Picture a children’s book where the lions’ roar, or a horror story where the room thunders. If your book is a collection of recipes, we can embed ‘How-to’ videos. Whatever you imagine, we can do.

The Format

We don’t practice a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor your eBook to your readers needs. Here are some of the options from which you can choose:

EPUB is the most popular format: perfect for most fiction books. It produces a consistent text that can be enlarged depending on the reader’s needs.

MOBI offers readers an interactive experience. They can add pages, take notes, highlight and bookmark pages. Its perfect for cookbooks or textbooks.

KPF is the ideal choice for self-publishing a book for Amazon Kindle.

Take a look at eBook we converted recently

How to get started

If you’re ready to join the publishing revolution, to access a bustling market of millions of potential readers, then get in touch. You can drop us an email, or request a call-back. Take the first step on your journey into the digital world. The future is waiting.

Happy Clients

The White Magic Studio team have gone over and beyond to support me in all aspects of publishing my book (TTEO - Take The Emotion Out). The work they undertook included the book cover, book trailer, editorial services, formatting and production of a logo. They showed real investment in delivering an excellent services, providing guidance and support throughout the process. I have found a much valued partner in the White Magic Studio team. The team have been a real pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them on my next book.

Happy Clients
Ren Laws
Author of TTEO - Take The Emotion Out
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