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At White Magic Studio, we understand how many sleepless nights you spent penning the beautiful manuscript. Now, when the time has come to publish it, your motherly concern towards every single detail of the book, whether it’s the book front cover design or the illustrations is justifiable. Your search for the best team of creative book cover design experts ends here at White Magic Studios, one of the most trusted and popular studios reputed for our multitasking abilities for self-publishing books. We are indebted to the writers that had kept their faith in us for creating the most beautiful book covers for them so far.

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. We have ace publishing experts onboard.

The question might strike your head why choose White Magic Studios over any other company renowned for creative book cover design services? From our side, we only have a humble answer to this query, and that is -
“It is our heart towards creative cover designs that keep motivating us to walk more extra miles until we are satisfied.”

At White Magic Studios, meet some of the most creative book business professionals, working as a team to decide everything from the final draft of the book covers front and back to editing. Therefore, we can assure you 100% satisfactory services from our side.

Let us work as a team!

In addition to it, we would like you to have you with us throughout the process. After showing the chivalry to self-publish your next book, we consider it our privilege to have the writer in our team. Let’s work in collaboration to finalize the best book cover design that will entice your readers.

We understand the concern of today’s readers regarding attractive book cover design

Breakthrough the old concepts of “Do not judge a book by its cover”. Wake Up!!—readers are judgmental about the book front covers while making the purchasing decision.

Previously, readers were told by their seniors that the cover of the book can never judge the treasure it carries inside. However today, we witness the 360-degree change of that thought and like any other thing in this materialistic world, the readers expect graphical excellence in the books they intend to buy.

Our combined experience of over 35 years has allowed us to excel in our creative abilities to showcase the graphic design book covers we create. Until now, our creative cover designs are highly appreciated by critics, as well as the results.

Considering the analytics data of the numbers of eBooks getting sold, we gladly accept our share of credit for the hard work while designing the covers. Yes, with equal prudence, our skilled and creative book cover design professionals create state-of-the-art covers for eBooks like they design the cover for book in paperback or hardcover formats.

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Are you a children’s book writer? Your dream to become the next J.K. Rowling should come true with a fine manuscript to lure kids and the professional excellence of our designers creating the best book covers for children.

At White Magic Studios, we have the best professional book cover design champions with the knowledge to use the latest designing software. By perfectly balancing and amalgamating their creativity and technology, our book cover designers are recognized for creating the most appealing book cover designs. We understand the nerve of the present-day readers and what they want on the book covers.

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